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Story & Mission

At Positive Impact Tourism (PIT), we aim to change the world for the better through tourism by designing Positive Impact Experiences around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate travelers’ direct contribution to the welfare of local communities and nature and thereby contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We do this by co-designing positive impact experiences with partners around the world that give guests the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that directly benefit local communities and nature. Read more in our travel articles.

We also maintain a Fair Wage policy with our partners and only add a small markup to the fair wage price for all those involved in the execution of every Experience co-designed with us. This way, we ensure that over 90% of your travel fee goes to our partners and they do not need to lower their wages in order to work with us.

At our core, we are a fun-loving, humble, adventurous bunch and we are intrinsically motivated to make people smile and thrive.

Our Story

At Positive Impact Tourism (PIT), we have very warm memories of the local communities we met during our travels, who have made us their family for a little while. We took home great pictures of the wild animals we spotted and the tropical beaches we relaxed on. We love it so much and want to do our part in making the future of travel better; to #travelthechange.

PIT is dedicated to combine the fun of vacation with the awesomeness of giving back. So that you can become a Travel Change Maker and travel with a positive impact on local communities and nature, wherever you go.

We provide you with the opportunity to make the world a little better while you are travelling. Our mission and our story is to give you Positive Impact Experiences!

You are our story!


From Our Community

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