Our story

At PIT, we have very warm memories of the local communities we met during our travels, who have made us their family for a little while. We took home great pictures of the wild animals we spotted and the tropical beaches we relaxed on. We love it so much and want to do our part in making the future of travel better; to #travelthechange.

PIT is dedicated to combine the fun of vacation with the awesomeness of giving back. To travel with a positive impact on local communities and nature. Providing you with the opportunity to make the world a little better while you are travelling is our mission and our story.

You are our story!

Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate travelers’ direct contribution to the welfare of local communities and nature. We do this by connecting  engaged travelers with local partners to realize positive impact experiences and by exchanging positive impact travel stories and tips on how to travel socially through our online community.

At our core, we are a fun-loving, humble, adventurous bunch and we are intrinsically motivated to make people smile and thrive.

Internship opportunities

From time to time, we will have internship opportunities for interns studying and living in the Netherlands. 

Review of Lourance’s internship  (spring 2023): 
Hi there!
I’m Lourance and I had the incredible opportunity to intern at PIT for my graduation project on SEO/SEM in terms of Marketing. The CEO, Esther, provided me with excellent guidance in a fast-paced work environment while balancing my university commitments and internship perfectly. Fortunately, I passed my thesis! I gained valuable technical skills, collaborated with a supportive team, and experienced personal growth that has prepared me for a successful future. Highly recommended, PIT is a a strategic place for aspiring professionals seeking an internship/traineeship or even a graduation assignment in the world of Tourism and beyond. ” (Lourance Dababneh, July, 2023).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email if you are looking for an internship or traineeship.

Our Partners

Setours - Handcrafted Journeys

Our partner for your positive impact travel in Peru. They currently offer the Peru with a Purpose tour that includes 2 days specifically co-designed with us!

Tamga Travel

Discover the untamed beauty of Kyrgyzstan and make your positive impact In the Heart of Asia!

Adventures with Colby

The team at AwC have great impact experiences of different lengths of stay in beautiful Malawi in store for you. Support community run campsites and much more!

Let's Go To Guatemala

Our great partner is very enthusiastic to show you Guatemala and provide for a positive impact locally. We are currently working on designing experiences with her, so more to follow soon...

Baltic Nature Travel

When in Riga, Latvia, make sure you take at least 1 day to go hiking and see the beautiful nature of the country. With our partner, you can even make a positive impact while on the go!

Epirus Traveller

Together with Epirus Traveller, we have designed a wonderful experience in the region of Epirus, Greece, famous for the Vikos Gorge. Get your culinary kicks and make an impact cooking for elderly locals!

Bharte Reizen

Our partner Bharte Reizen focuses on tailor-made and adventurous travels in several countries. Together we are in the process of designing awesome experiences. More to follow soon...

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