Malawi – Trekking & Participating – 10 days

If you love to go hiking as well as fully emerging yourself in local cultures, this 10 day experience in Malawi is for you!

meet the chiefs and village development community members
cook and enjoying meals with the community
plant trees
do some gardening at your home stay
practice your traditional fishing skills
stay in community run campsites

During this experience, you will visit local communities within 3 districts in beautiful Malawi and you will participate in various community activities. By going biking, trekking and joining in every day village life, you will learn more about these wonderful communities, their way of life and their natural environment.

Please read more in the description below or go directly to the website of Adventures with Colby and get excited about your Trekking & Participating Experience in beautiful Malawi!

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Trekking & Participating in Malawi
This great 10 day experience will take you to three districts in gorgeous Malawi. Not only will you really connect to the community and participate in daily village life, you will also get to explore the countryside.

Your itinerary starts with a community introduction and hearing all about the history of your gracious hosts for this experience. Every day, you will get the opportunity to enjoy different activities, such as trekking, bird watching and participating in local dances. We will also visit cultural heritage sites and participate in the planting of trees. There will be coffee roasting for coffee lovers, bike riding for active travelers and we will cook for a local family.

✨ Meet the village chiefs and village development community members
✨ Trekking in the natural environment & bird watching
✨ Cooking local dishes and enjoying them with the community
✨ Visit to cultural heritage sites
✨ Tree planting and home stay gardening
✨ Practice your traditional fishing skills
✨ Community biking & photographing
With this experience, you contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15).

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