We are a company dedicated to help you to make the world a better place wherever you go.
We do this by partnering up with local organisations to offer guests our ‘Positive Impact Experiences’ (PIEs). Our PIEs are activities that directly benefit local communities and/or nature. 

We focus on co-designing experiences that combine the more regular tourist activities with hands-on do good activities. Even though we are a commercial company, we stand for fair wages. This is why we only add a small markup to the fair price of the experiences we co-design with our partners. 

Our Partners are local tour operators, tour guides, local charities and other related organisations. All our Partners have signed our Code of Conduct and strive to make a difference in their communities and on their natural environment. Choosing to book a Positive Impact Experience means that you travel with awareness and a genuine connection to your host countries. If you would like to become a Partner of PIT, please send us an email at info@positiveimpacttourism.com
Our Experiences are either fully guided or individual activities that give you as guest the opportunity to make a direct positive impact on the local community and/or natural environment of the places you visit. 
We design all Positive Impact Experienes (PIEs) with our partners. All experiences meet our criteria and uphold our Code of Conduct for making a genuine positive impact. As a guest, please rate the experiences so we may use these reviews to improve our selection and to monitor our partners’ performance. We also aim to visit our partners and join to get first-hand experience to provide feedback to our partners. 
We are a commercial company and aim to grow our reach of positive impacts throughout the world in order to make it a little better.  Even though we are a commercial company, our revenue comes from small mark-ups that we add to the fair price of the experiences as determined by our partners. This way, we do not participate in the ‘race to the bottom’ that causes a lot of local tour operators and guides to lower their prices in fierce competition with each other. With PIT experiences, you will know for sure that your travel fees actually end up in the hands of your local hosts. Please don’t hesitate to ask our partners about this when you inquire to book an experience. 
Yes. If you are wish to support our goals, you can donate to PIT through the PayPal button on the homepage. You do not have to have a PayPal account to do so. With your donations, we cover our basic operating costs and donate to projects organised by our  partners. 
In accordance to the Sustainability Compass of the Association for Small Travel Organisations (VvKR), our partners do not take guests to visit  children’s residential settings, specifically orphanages. Voluntourism to orphanages has unfortunately in some cases resulted in negative  side effects, hurting the  mental well being of the children involved.  Even though our guests do not engage in voluntourism per se, we adhere to the Compass as determined by the VvKR and do not visit children’s residential settings.