Happy 2nd anniversary PIT

  • Posted by:Esther
  • May 14, 2023

Today, Positive Impact Tourism (PIT) is officially…..a toddler! Yay!
We have turned 2 on the official papers of registration in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. We promise though, we are not going to get into a ‘no!’ phase lol, cause we love saying yes to kindness way too much!

In the past two years, we have experienced a lot of growing pains that come with starting a business from scratch. From getting ourselves even registered as a business, to obtaining a bank account – it was not easy, but we are very happy to have an account at one of the greenest banks in the Netherlands, Triodos Bank – and setting out to find business partners during Covid times.

It took us a while to learn how to navigate the tourism industry and of course, we are still learning every day. But in Q1 of this year, we made some real progress. Being present at the Vacation Fair 2023 in Utrecht in January, gave us the opportunity to meet many tour operators, some of whom became our partners -> shout out to our awesome partners!

We were also able to speak to many potential guests and talk to them about regenerative tourism and doing some good for local communities and/or nature while being on vacation. So many visitors were positive about what the Positive Impact Experiences we are striving towards and we will give it our all to be able to give all of you engaged travelers the opportunity to travel with genuine intent and impact.

In Q1, we were also able to accommodate an intern for the first time – something that I am very passionate about, because it is wonderful to be able to contribute to someone’s growth and career path. Short funny story: when I told my dad we had an intern, his first reaction was ‘how can you have an intern when you don’t even have an office yet?’ hahaha. Well, society and the way we work has changed, so thankfully, now that remote work and online meetings are so easy to do from home, as a company, we don’t need an office to have an intern come work with us.

In the last few months, we have met such enthusiastic people who go above and beyond to offer you tailormade experiences to very special destinations with awesome activities. And each and every time we sign a partnership, our eyes light up, because we are one step closer to making the world a better place through tourism. With every positive impact activity we co-design, we imagine how it would be to do it ourselves and OMG, we want to go tomorrow!

It makes us proud to have grown from 1 to 6 partners in different countries in just a few months and it gives us so much energy to be able to partner up with tour operators and others who understand our mission and see the future of tourism as a genuine exchange between engaged guests and welcoming hosts.

It fires us up to keep setting up meetings with even more potential partners in other countries. The world deserves a better type of tourism and the combined demand and supply of positive impact experiences by travelers and tour operators alike is the key. Together, we can change the world, together we #TravelTheChange!!

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