Internship at Positive Impact Tourism (PIT)

  • Posted by:Lourance Dababneh
  • February 22, 2023

This blog is written by Lourance Doubabneh

To everyone who does not know me yet, ciao, this is Lourance. It is an honour to that I’m a 4th-year student studying Tourism Management and doing my graduation project with PIT in Digital Marketing. I found this internship after digging the employment-oriented social media platforms. My CEO (Esther), who is running the startup company with two others, was pleased with what I am going to deliver after 20 weeks with PIT in Digital Marketing. For instance, establishing SEO and SEM will be essential for the company’s long-term advantages.

My official day as an intern

PIT was chosen due to the fact that I can learn a lot. I saw that I have extra space to delve into marketing the way it matters. Being a startup company means much work should be done, and this appealed to me—-Practice makes perfect. After submitting and signing the applications, I started working at PIT on the 13th of January. The early days took place at the Vakantiebeurs, where I met my CEO, employer and travel enthusiasts. At the fair, I challenged myself to speak to visitors about PIT’s mission and vision. The experience was extraordinary for two long days due to the fact I communicated with people, learned how to pitch about PIT, and overall I was a member of a once-in-a-year world tourism fair (Vakantiebeurs 2023). Honestly, the fair management, the number of people, the venue design and the activities were all a perfect-fascinating package!

To remind you, the objective of PIT for the fair was to meet potential business partners as well as introduce visitors to PIT. With the team, the management resulted in exchanging contacts with potential business partners and introduced PIT to the guests proactively. On the one hand, jumping from one stall to another to tell about (PIT) to other potential partners. A partnership agreement was signed favourably by two new partners after the fair. YAY!

Know that walking around has been promising in order to partner up with further partner companies. Actions speak louder than words! On the other hand, engaging with the guests in a way where when they follow PIT on Instagram, several of them will win a Peruvian chocolate in a raffle. They were donated to us by Alter Eco (see Instagram posts). With that said, the vakantiebeurs was joyful and helpful in introducing PIT to stakeholders, showing the uniqueness of what we offer, from positive experiences to benefits.

February arrived

As the days passed, I have been preparing for my graduation project and ensuring where and how to progress strategically weekly. Thanks to my university coach and CEO, the start is so far a blessing and exciting. Looking forward to this learning experience and taking PIT’s marketing to the next level.

Know this

In short, moving forward with my graduation project in the marketing world will be transformative. There lies much eagerness in me to take my competencies and knowledge for the betterment and leave behind nothing but positivity. Meaning, I am absorbing what it is to be a unit of PIT while creating a positive impact on tourism.

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