General information

Welcome to the ‘Warm heart of Africa‘, welcome to Malawi!

The country of Malawi is located on the east side of the African continent. It is landlocked between Tanzania to the north, Mozambique to the east and south and Zambia to the west.

Both Chichewa and English are official languages in Malawi. In addition, there are many native languages that are very interesting to hear more about as you learn about Malawi’s history. And of course, it is always wonderful to try to pick up a few local words while travelling through a country.

One of the most well-known places in Malawi is Lake Malawi. It is the world’s third deepest freshwater lake and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In addition to the lake, Malawi boasts 12 protected areas – National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and Nature Sanctuaries – where spotting amazing wildlife is the name of your vacation game. If elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippos, rhinos, hyenas or jackals are still on your bucketlist to see in the wild, Malawi is where you can find them.

Please find our Positive Impact Experiences in Malawi listed below. Ulendo wabwino! Have a nice trip!

Best times to travel

You can visit Malawi all year round, but it can rain heavily during the rainy season, roughly from November – April, and temperatures can also get quite high and vary throughout the regions.

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The best chances of spotting wildlife on game drives is during the dry season.

Malawi 20 days

If you have the time and want a great combination of sights to see, animals to spot and things to do together with your local hosts, check our 20-day Malawi community school and wildlife experience.

Malawi 14 days

If you are looking to fully immerse yourself in local life and look forward to participating in activities like sports with students, fishing and farming, the Malawi culture and games experience is for you.

Malawi 10 days

The best way to really feel a country, is to join the locals. And there is no better way to do this than to choose the Malawi trekking and participating 10-day experience.

Malawi 7 days

Can you really get to know a culture in 7 days? Yes you can!

The Malawi community connect experience lets you make a deep connection to your local hosts as you travel to some of the highlights of this beautiful country.