Our Story

  • Posted by:Esther
  • May 14, 2021

Let me tell you the story of Positive Impact Tourism.

In 2020, the world came to a sudden halt. People got separated from their loved ones, as plans to return home or visit family members in other countries got shattered. Jobs were lost when businesses went bankrupt. International charity work activities paused and countries that relied heavily on foreign currency coming in through visitors were all of a sudden bereft of funds. No more travelling.

And we had time to think. Time to reflect on how important the global economy is for so many people around the world. How for us travelling is all about fun, relaxation and new experiences, but how for others, our travelling is their, oftentimes sole, source of income. How for them, being able to receive and take care of us as guests in their country, is their life, not a vacation. How when the world stopped turning, these people overnight lost the ability to provide for their families.

We reflected on the guides we have had the pleasure to meet in our own travels. The ones that cared for us, showed us the most beautiful places, gave us the most delicious food and made us their family members for a little while. These professionals whose service made sure we took home warm memories of them.

For tour guides, providing for their families means the ability to show us the beauty of their countries and create happy memories for travellers. Let’s share some of our memories with you…

The friendly young one from Laos, who took us to meet some of his friends and how at the end of the evening everyone in our, slightly tipsy we have to admit, international group of people started singing our national anthems as a means of a fun bit of cultural exchange. The super fit one from Borneo with a Pirates of Borneo bandana on his head, who could see from the way people walked which one of us was going to make it up the hill and who would not be able to. 

The older gentleman in Sri Lanka who left us alone for one single night, only to find the next morning that half of the group had moved to another hotel. In our defense, we just did not want to trouble him on his sole evening off that he was spending with his family… The charming one in Costa Rica, who took us salsa dancing, showing off his manly dancing skills and making the ladies spin left and right. We are sure you have your own examples of awesome tour guides that you can think of…

Why not keep these warm travel memories alive? Why not let these memories motivate us to do something different next time around?

We reflected on the happiness these great holiday caretakers gave us, sharing the beauty of their countries and cultures, teaching us fun facts or shining a little light on some of the difficulties their countries were dealing with. We reflected on how hard their lives must have been the last year and how probably most of them had to have resorted to other types of work to make ends meet.

And we realized something had to change. Not just with our own travelling, but with the wold of travel altogether. Us, the fortunate travellers of the world, need to start to #travelthechange. To form a community of engaged people and to combine the fun of vacation with the awesomeness of giving back through positive impact experiences. To take a leap into the future of tourism, where guides and guests provide each other with fond memories. Where travellers leave more than footprints. Where all of us engage in sustainable travel and leave a positive impact behind! 

To be able to provide you with the opportunity to make the world a little better while you are travelling, makes us smile like you cannot imagine. We wish we could be right there with you through every Positive Impact Experience you do with our awesome partners around the world. This is our story -> You are our story!

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