Positive effects of tourism

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  • May 07, 2023

This blog is written by intern Lourance Dababneh. Thank you Lourance!

Positive Effects of Tourism

Tourism has always been a basic part of escaping the busy days and enjoying some well-deserved off time at the holiday destination. From the west to the east, the world needs care and love and this goes for the people who are on vacation as well as for the people and natural environment hosting them. Tourism can have both negative and positive effects and it is up to travelers, travel agencies and tour operators to (start to) ensure that the positive effects outweigh the negative effects in all countries around the world. In this blog, we will go over three of the most important positive effects of tourism.

Employment and Income

When the influx of tourists at the destination is high enough, it creates labor opportunities for the residents.
Costa Rica is an example of a country that has benefited from their smart tourism management. The country recognized nature was a big asset for them getting tourists to come to Costa Rica and they actively preserved and cultivated it. Costa Rica has really managed the incoming tourism in the country very well over decades and became the richest country in the region. Over the years, tourism decreased the unemployment rate and provided jobs for people to work in the tourism and related industries, such as transportation, restaurants, clubs, souvenir shops, arts & craft shops etc.

Also worth mentioning, is that good tourism management gives younger generations the chance to grow their soft and hard skills through paid traineeships at tourism and related companies. As the demand increases, it will diversify the economy, reducing the reliance on a single industry. The shift in other industries toward more environmentally friendly practices also offers the tourism sector a fantastic chance to explore domestic tourism. This could entail setting up occasions like team-building days for (domestic and foreign owned) businesses to participate in actions that benefit the environment, like planting trees. The tourism sector can thereby lessen its reliance on foreign tourists and open up new growth prospects by promoting this kind of tourism within countries.

Infrastructure Improvement 

To the audience interested in sustainable tourism and its benefits, in order to make a destination attractive, the facilities that serve a country should constantly be developed in the smartest of ways. Well-functioning airports, railways, waterways and more, keep a high tourism influx that nourishes a country’s economy. For example, the Netherlands is well-connected and maintains a level of sustainable transportation to sustainable accommodation.

Converting tourism’s products and services to eco-friendly alternatives is a critical investment that will serve us and more specifically the environment in return. Travelers are different today, and many are turning away from traditional travelling. As an illustration, generation Z travelers are very much in favor of ecotourism. They are currently working to make a healthier planet by using recycled products, booking at eco-friendly accommodations, using electric transportation and buying secondhand and eco-friendly products.

Positive Tourism Activities

What is also interesting, is the upcoming trend that takes tourism to the next level by giving travelers the opportunity to do good on the spot. It is time for the tourism industry to develop innovative methods to improve the health of tourism, making it more attractive in the current trend towards the impact economy and to future generations. We can, and should, do better and we can do it by developing positive impact activities that benefit local communities and nature.

Tourism is appreciated for bringing in currency, but travelers can contribute more to a local community by doing good. Nowadays, there are stops to local communities that give you a favorable impact experience. As a tourist, you can step into this mission to elevate the meaningfulness of regenerative tourism. Cooking for others, planting trees, exchanging cultures, cleaning trash, and more are among these positive impact tourism activities that can do good to the world and its people. It is always possible to do good and make tourism a better place through regenerative tourism.

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