Leaving a positive footprint behind

  • Posted by:Esther
  • February 02, 2024

Add a positive footprint to your travels!

When we search for a new holiday destination, we each have our own preferences as to the type of vacation we are looking for. You might be looking for a fly & drive type of vacation, to explore an unknown country on your own pace. Or perhaps you prefer a guided group tour and meet people who share the same interests. You may be preparing your backpack for a long journey across multiple countries or perhaps you are looking for excursions to do during your expatriate or digital nomad years abroad.

Whatever your preferences as to the type and location of your travels, if you are in the market for a unique travel experience that goes beyond the typical sightseeing to create a deeper local connection to your hosts and their natural environments, read on!

Because if you want to travel sustainably and leave a positive footprint behind, our Positive Impact Experiences around the world are right up your alley!

It’s about leaving a place better than you found it

Our Positive Impact Experiences are not your average tours or excursions. They are co-designed with partners around the world specifically to give you a unique and meaningful travel experience while at the same time letting you contribute to the sustainable development goals of the places you visit.

The experiences combine the excitement of more conventional tourism with fun to do hands-on activities that directly benefit the local community and environment you visit. This is the essence of what sustainable travel is about. Travelling abroad is more than seeing new places; it is about becoming a part of them and leaving them better than we found them so future generations can enjoy a thriving world.

Imagine establishing a cultural exchange and participating in rural village life in Nepal, ensuring girls’ continued education in Zambia, or supporting regenerative farming in Peru through your active participation with local llama and ecofarming initiatives. All seamlessly integrated into your preferred excursion or tour itinerary. These are just a few examples of the unique experiences you can expect from the Positive Impact Experiences that we curate with our wonderful partners.

Our partners in various countries, including Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Zambia, Malawi, Indonesia, Peru and many more to follow, are ready to welcome you and help you truly immerse locally. They are passionate about positively impacting their own communities and eager to share their cultures with engaged visitors like you.

Be a Travel Change Maker!

Whether you’re a family looking for an enriching and fun experience for you and your children, an expat wanting to give back to your host country, a backpacker seeking adventures around the globe or a vacationer in search of something unique to do while abroad, our Positive Impact Experiences cater to all types of travelers. Or rather, all types of Travel Change Makers.

Our website features a wide range of experiences to choose from and we continue to publish new Positive Impact Experiences almost every month. Each one is carefully curated to ensure it offers direct value to both the traveller and the host community, thereby contributing to your enriching vacation and the sustainable development goals.

In addition, we work with a fair wage system, whereby more than 90% of your travel fee goes to our partners. As an impact economy aware company, we do not invest in silly things like an office or company cars that we don’t need. Our focus is on changing the world of tourism for the better. So rest easy, book your positive impact experiences and feel exceptionally good to be experiencing the joy of a holiday that leaves your positive impact on the world!

Browsing our Positive Impact Experiences today and take the first step towards a vacation that you will remember for all the right reasons. Join the Travel Change Makers movement in discovering the world hands-on, making a difference wherever you go and create heartwarming memories that will last beyond your lifetime. Your enriching journeys await!

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