Regenerative Tourism

  • Posted by:Lourance Dababneh
  • April 03, 2023

This article was written by our intern Lourance Dababneh.

Are you wondering what ‘regenerative tourism’ is? Don’t overthink it! It comes down to leaving a place better than you found it. It plays an important role in addressing the adversities of traditional tourism, just like the concept of sustainable tourism, but it goes beyond sustainability. With the emergence of regenerative tourism, travellers can experience their destinations even more hands-on and make a  difference in helping to rebuild local heritage, communities and nature. For us and the world, it aims to induce a positive impact by doing good to nature and local communities through locally established, guided and supervised experiences that help to restore and improve.

Sustainable Tourism and Regenerative Tourism

Sustainable tourism concentrates on the overall idea of reducing environmental negativities and not worsening the current state of affairs. For example, using solar panels on the roof of hotels, using recycled materials and more. Regenerative tourism is a form of travel that goes a step further and emphasizes restoring the region’s local communities and natural environment. An added effect of engaging in hands-on impact activities is that travellers more deeply connect with the local culture and environment of their travel destinations.  For instance, by joining a local community in efforts to restore the beauty of the shores from plastics (restore), planting trees in local community areas (improve) and cooking for the locals (make genuine connections), you leave behind a positive, memorable impression.

Benefits of Regenerative Tourism

Interestingly enough, regenerative tourism is surprisingly simple. This new concept is a new tourism trend that is fun for you, good for us, and a solution to the negative impacts of conventional tourism that go beyond trying to stop them. Let’s get together in this movement! All involved stakeholders can create a tourism industry that is more attractive and appreciated through reporting, investing in innovative impact services and partnering up to speed up the process. The concept is feasible when businesses, locals, tourists, governments, you and I invest in it through research, development and active engagement. Testing and researching where and how it can take place and discovering and sharing best practices on making holiday destinations better are pivotal. This can be done by a wide range of parties, including government entities, businesses in the private sector, communities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In doing so, new developing sites can be visited, nature spreads by tourists together with locals, and locals are able to design tourism in their regions in a manner that suits them.

The outcome of Regenerative Tourism

Are you tired of how traditional tourism affects the environment and local communities? Do you yearn for a way to travel and discover the world without leaving behind a negative footprint? Well, there is a way now! The phrase “regenerative tourism” is becoming trending in the travel industry, promising a better way to travel while doing good and having a positive impact on every place you visit. Each local community benefits from regenerative tourism in terms of growth, education, restoration, and engagement. So why not choose vacations that allow you to support regenerative tourism in order to help improve the world? Like a hero without a cape, you can have amazing life-changing experiences and inspire the next generation to adopt this new trend for a sustainable future for both people and the planet.  Join the regenerative tourism movement to begin inspiring the world in a way that actually changes things!

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