Travel Change Makers

  • Posted by:Esther
  • February 03, 2024

Let’s make a change by travelling!

In this post-pandemic era, the concept of tourism and travel is evolving beyond just ticking off destinations on a map. Having been deprived of social contact in real life for a while, we now crave genuine connection to each other and to nature. We rejoice in having once again the freedom to travel. And with social media bringing humanities flaws to the forefront, we crave more meaningful and fulfilling journeys, wherever we go.

Our thoughts on travelling are shifting -> imagine that your time spend exploring the world is not made up of average vacations, but rather super fun and awesome experiences where the joy of discovering new things is combined with the act of giving back. Where your wanderlust is blended with leaving a positive footprint behind and you will feel more fulfilment in your vacations.

Like you, there are many people who are starting to look for a better way to travel and enhance the positive effects of tourism. People, like you, who want to see the fusion of tourism with the sustainable impact economy; who wish to leave their positive mark on the places they visit and the people they meet and to actively play a part in preserving our natural environments while also enjoying their holidays.

These are the travel change makers who will reshape the tourism industry to align with the Sustainable Developments Goals in the decades to come!

Small steps add up

From the very start of Positive Impact Tourism in 2021 and for many years to come, our goal has been, and will always be, to help make the world a better place by reshaping tourism. To facilitate a change in the types of tours and excursions that you as our guest can choose from while discovering other countries. And to establish a more enriching type of vacationing that empowers you to contribute to the Sustainable Developments Goals while spending time abroad.

Picture this very simple example:
While vacationing in a picturesque village in Greece, you find yourself admiring the scenery of the mountains in the backdrop while in front of you the local village elderly are chatting away about the news of the week under the trees in the town square. You find yourself together with your family actively preparing traditional regional dishes for these folks under the directions of a Greek chef. And you look forward to enjoying the food that you and your family are preparing together with the local elderly, while listening to their tales of growing up in this country full of rich ancient history.

As this example shows, making a change isn’t necessarily about grand gestures and goals that we could only reach if a million people would rally behind them. Although we would absolutely love it if a million people would cook for their local hosts. The point is, every positive impact activity, no matter how small they might seem, is an activity that can brighten someone’s life, put a smile to their face and contributes to a better world.

We have made it our mission and our story to give you as many of these positive impact experiences around the world as possible, one experience at a time. Whether it’s contributing to local conservation efforts in Peru or Costa Rica, supporting education initiatives in Zambia or Malawi, or immersing yourself in the vibrant tapestry of local rural life in Nepal or Kyrgyzstan – every travel itinerary that we design with our partners is an opportunity for us to contribute to the ways in which you can make a positive change.

Your travel style matters

As you are well aware, your lifestyle and the ways you travel the earth matter. Every one of your journeys is a conscious choice to either engage in a more passive, consuming type of vacation, that may in and of itself be more or less sustainable, or to engage in a more active and hands-on local participation type of travel that leaves your positive mark on your local hosts and the natural environment.

If you choose the latter, our Positive Impact Experiences will give you the joy of not only knowing that your vacation contributes to the well-being of the local communities you visit, the preservation of cultures, and the protection of our planet, but also directly making it so. By choosing for our experiences, you reshape the world of travel for the better and you will experience the joy of leaving a destination not just as you found it, but better, richer, and more vibrant.

If you travel not just for yourself, but for the world as well, you are a travel change maker!

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