World Environment Day 2024

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  • June 05, 2024

How you can help to restore our planet

Happy World Environment Day!
The main theme of this day 2024 is Land Restoration and did you know that as a traveler, tourist, expat, digital nomad or as aware locals, you can contribute to this goal? Not just on this day of course, but at any time when you are abroad. You can be a Travel Change Maker while enjoying your holidays around the world. So let me tell you more!

Lush lands turning into deserts due to overexploitation, droughts that kill livestock and soil erosion leading to landslides are issues that are interconnected on a global scale. It is for these reasons crucial to address them globally as well. And that is where you, as travelers, come in!

You have the power for change

All of us who travel hold the power for change. With an expected 9.4 billion passengers [1] this year alone, travelers are in fact a major catalyst for change. Tourists can help to combat soil erosion, support land restoration and help local communities to build resilience against drought. Wherever you go and whatever it is you do at your holiday destination can truly make a difference.

We can choose to travel more sustainably and actively participate in environmental conservation efforts when abroad. Our experiences are meant to facilitate you to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and where possible, our partners and we include hands-on activities for you to participate in to contribute to the well-being of the natural environments you visit.

How you can make a difference

It’s easy!
In addition to, of course, compensating for air travel and choosing to travel closer to home and/or by public transport when possible, you can roll up your sleeves, put your hands in the soil and simply plant some trees yourself wherever you go.

Our partners offer a variety of Positive Impact Experiences co-designed with us that include hands-on planting trees in your vacation itinerary. It is not only a ton of fun to do, but you will also leave some trees behind that will help the local environment and communities for years to come. Together with our partners around the world, we have co-designed a variety of holiday experiences and multi-day excursions that facilitate this for you.

In Africa

Consider for instance the Tanzania Make your impact experience (19 days) that includes planting trees but also a lot of other awesome impact activities to support the local communities. Or, if you are already in Tanzania and do not have as much time, our partner Safari ASAP welcomes you to join the Lake Chala hiking and tree planting experience (2 days) or the Trees community and Rau Forest experience (4 days) that also includes helping to preserve the Rau Forest.

Should you be thinking about a vacation to Zambia this year or if you are an expat in this beautiful country looking for a great holiday week, you may want to join our partner Ntanda Ventures in the Zambia Chingola village experience (5 days) to help plant some trees and cool down the village lands. This experience also includes support to the EmpowerHer project and a visit to the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage.

Another partner in Africa that we have co-designed impact experiences with that include planting trees, is Adventures with Colby in Malawi. Both the longer itinerary of the Malawi community school and wildlife experience (20 days) and the shorter itinerary of the Malawi trekking and participating experience (10 days) will facilitate you to plant some trees yourself. So, get in on the African vibe and leave some trees behind this year!

In South America

Our partner Go Local’s Colombia Cariben Culture experience (7 days) allows you to contribute by helping clean up the mangroves and assist in planting some trees to help restore and protect this very important ecosystem. If you would like to learn more about the importance of mangroves on the planet, please visit the Rainforest Trust.



Of course, we understand that you may not love planting trees yourself as much as we do. That doesn’t mean however that we have no experiences for you to treat yourself to. If you love llama’s and wish to travel to Peru this year, our partner Setours – Handcrafted Journeys offers the Peru Explore with a Purpose experience (12 days) and they will plant a tree in the Sacred Valley on your behalf while you go walking with llama’s. This supports the use of llamas whose hooves do not erode the soil as horses do, so you will help soil stabilization and support the livelihoods of indigenous community.

And keep an eye out for more Positive Impact Experiences, because we are creating new experiences around the world every month!

Become a Travel Change Maker

World Environment Day 2024 calls on all of us to take action against land degradation, desertification and drought. Let’s celebrate the day by committing to travel with more purpose and more fulfilment.

We are committed to provide you with travel experiences that facilitate you to contribute to these vital environmental efforts and working every day to bring you even more great experiences with our partners.

And you can become a real-life Travel Change Maker by choosing PIT-experiences for your holidays and support local preservation and regenerative initiatives hands-on. By doing this, you can and will make a tangible positive impact!

Let’s Travel the Change together!

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